Hello there

20 Mar 2015

After 7.5 months of development I finally decided to make a dev blog, sorry for the delay. So who am I?

Well I am Tolga, a Computer Engineering student(2nd yr, 4th semester) in Yildiz Technical University. First year we started with Pascal and that’s how I started programming. And I liked it so much that I studied Pascal on internet and at the end of first semester, I made a Flappy Bird clone -that was super popular those days- which works on Command Prompt Window.

Flappy Box]

And when I share this with people around me, they loved it and that motivated me a lot. I really loved the idea to “produce something, show it, watch their reactions”. That motivation boost when someone likes your product is priceless.

At the second semester I met with C, that impressed me a lot but I knew that’s an old. And I really wanted to learn some more-popular languages. Then I tried C#, Java but however I ended up with choosing the C++. I followed tutorials and guides, made examples, some small games and stuff but that was not enough. I needed a bigger project to learn C++, In summer (04.08.2014 to be exact) I decided to make a platformer so I started my project and imported SFML. I followed some SFML tutorials and learned the basics, started developing and I am still learning and developing simultaneously!

I never felt like “Oh I learned some new stuff, I better remove this project and code it all-over again with the new technique I’ve learned!”, never. That would slow the process and reduce my motivation. Instead, I just add the new stuff I learn and do some code surgery in every couple days.